What Jesus Does For Me

He comes to me as a Living Spirit today as well as a historic person who lived 1900 years ago.
​He gives me assurance that if I accept Him as Savior and Guide and follow Him, I shall be saved from sin and wrong and helped to live as God would have me live.
​He gives me an ideal to live by – a pattern for life – and helps me as I try to live up to that ideal.
​He assures me of forgiveness when I fail and helps me to try again and do better.
​His teachings give me guidance and counsel, truth and ideals, in a world of doubt and fear, and in the midst of changing standards and ways of life.
​He is a living presence in my daily life. There is a spirit and purpose in me that would not be there but for Him.
​He helps me in the choices of life to know right from wrong and to choose the best of the many good things life offers.
​He gives me courage and hope in the testing hours of life and in the face of the problems of my generation.
​He gives me the joy of introducing others to Him and to the happiness of the Christian life.
He calls me to work with Him in His Kingdom and makes me dissatisfied with anything in the life about me that is not in accord with His principles and spirit.
​He introduces me to a fellowship that transcends all human barriers of race and creed, of space and time.
​He gives me in His church a place of worship and training, of fellowship and service.
​He shows me that, with all my shortcomings, I can be of use to Him and to the world mission in which He calls His followers to serve.
​He helps me day by day to live in love and confidence and inner peace.
​He assures me of life eternal beyond the grave and calls me to live for eternity now.

​~ Theodore F. Adams


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