140th Anniversary Celebration!!


1874 – 2014   140th Anniversary

In 1874, we began worshipping God at this location on land donated by Jacob Rose. We were then part of the Shade Creek Congregation.

In 1900 our meeting place became known as Rummel. In 1916 Rummel separated from Shade Creek.


In 1903 a new brick church was built to replace the wooden structure. This building housed the members of the Rummel Congregation until 1971 when it was destroyed by a fire.


In October 1973, Dedication Services were held for the new building that still stands today in the same spot.

Pastors Who Have Served

Alvin G. Faust – 1916             George W. Wright – 1942          L. Ernest Ott – 1989       Herman B. Heisey – 1917      Andrew J. Replogle – 1951       James C. Huskins – 1990 Anannias B. Beegley – 1919  John D. Byers – 1961               Linda Reininger – 1993    David P. Hoover – 1924         Albert Richards – 1972             Sanda Baker – 1994       Galen Blough – 1930             Peter Kaltenbaugh – 1974        Ken Gresh – 1999           Wm. Kurtz Kulp – 1937          Ronald R. Fleming – 1977        Ruby Mader – 2003


Join Us On August 31, 2014, For Our 140th Anniversary Celbration!!!!

Several things are happening here on August 31 for the 140th Anniversary. The worship service at 10:30am will have Rev. Peter Kaltenbaugh, former pastor, as speaker. Also, the choir will sing (for the first time publicly) a song that was commissioned in memory of Mary Ellen Penrod’s over 50 years as choir director. The song was composed by Ruth Elaine Schram of Birmingham, Alabama. After the worship service we will have a covered dish lunch together. A display of church memorabilia will be in one room. In another room a display of various quilts made over the years will be displayed.

We also plan for an open “sharing of memories” by those who chose to and time to simply visit each other.

Hope you can make it!!


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