Rummel Relayers will be having our annual basket auction on Saturday, June 14th from 2-4pm at the church. Come and start a bidding war on your favorite basket, all to help find a cure for cancer. This year’s relay theme is “Not all Heroes Wear Capes”. Tickets are $5 for food and drink and may be bought at the door. Thanks for your support!!

Camp Harmony’s Anniversary Weekend


Friday, May 30 – 4-9pm – Open House for Local Businesses and Visitor’s Bureaus


Saturday, May 31 – 10am – 9pm – Community Open House (Camp Activities – Hikes, Hay Rides, Bounce House, Geocaching, Crafts, etc., Pool, Concessions, Evening Concert by ‘Meat & Potatoes’ & Campfire)


Sunday, June 1 – 12:30 – 9pm – 90th Anniversary Celebration (Celebration of Fellowship – Camp Chicken BBQ; Celebration of Sharing – Groups sharing poetry, song, and other talents during the day; Celebration of Recreation – Pool open, camp activities, hay rides, and more; Celebration of Worship – 90th Anniversary Evening Campfire Ceremony

Holy Week 2014 Services

Love Feast & Communion

Holy Thursday, April 17 – 7:30pm

Join us as we reenact Christ’s Last Supper with His disciples. Through prayer, scripture, feet washing, a simple meal and the bread & cup we remember Christ’s death until he comes again.



Service of Shadows

Good Friday, April 18 – 7:30pm

Was this Friday really good? Explore with us the mystery and drama of that darkest day in Jesus’ life on earth. The road to the cross; the shame; the burden of sin; the grief and the loss. Come at 7:30pm and depart an hour later in darkness, silence – with a challenge. This is a somber worship service and is meant for reflection and feeling.





Easter Sunday Service – April 20 – 10:30am

“The Risen Christ”

At Easter, we traditionally remember the suffering, death and sacrifice of Jesus. But it’s important for us to realize that the primary focus of the early church – what changed their perception of reality and transformed them into a band of revolutionary messengers – was not the crucified Christ, but the risen Christ. A dead Messiah was merely a great Rabbi. A risen Christ was indeed the Lord of all creation, to whom all authority was given, with the power to usher in God’s kingdom and create a resurrection community called the church.

Jesus Christ is risen. We have seen him for ourselves. And this matters. This was the story of the early church, and it is still our story today. It matters that Christ is risen. It matters that he now sits at the right hand of God. “If Christ has not been raised,” the Apostle Paul wrote, “our preaching is useless, and so is your faith.” (1 Corinthians 15:14) But Christ has been raised. He is what the Bible calls “the first fruits” of the resurrection. In the risen Christ, we see the pattern for our lives. For just as we have been buried with him by baptism into death, we have been raised to walk in the same new way of life that Christ was raised to walk.

It is our task to tell this good news and to proclaim it boldly to anyone who has not yet heard: Christ is risen.

This Easter, may your hearts burn within you as you remember the story and reflect on its powerful implications for your life, as you witness the choir present the cantata “The Risen Christ”.

In holiness let us unite that we may know the risen Christ.

What Jesus Does For Me

He comes to me as a Living Spirit today as well as a historic person who lived 1900 years ago.
​He gives me assurance that if I accept Him as Savior and Guide and follow Him, I shall be saved from sin and wrong and helped to live as God would have me live.
​He gives me an ideal to live by – a pattern for life – and helps me as I try to live up to that ideal.
​He assures me of forgiveness when I fail and helps me to try again and do better.
​His teachings give me guidance and counsel, truth and ideals, in a world of doubt and fear, and in the midst of changing standards and ways of life.
​He is a living presence in my daily life. There is a spirit and purpose in me that would not be there but for Him.
​He helps me in the choices of life to know right from wrong and to choose the best of the many good things life offers.
​He gives me courage and hope in the testing hours of life and in the face of the problems of my generation.
​He gives me the joy of introducing others to Him and to the happiness of the Christian life.
He calls me to work with Him in His Kingdom and makes me dissatisfied with anything in the life about me that is not in accord with His principles and spirit.
​He introduces me to a fellowship that transcends all human barriers of race and creed, of space and time.
​He gives me in His church a place of worship and training, of fellowship and service.
​He shows me that, with all my shortcomings, I can be of use to Him and to the world mission in which He calls His followers to serve.
​He helps me day by day to live in love and confidence and inner peace.
​He assures me of life eternal beyond the grave and calls me to live for eternity now.

​~ Theodore F. Adams

50 People Every Christian Should Know.

50 People Every Christian Should Know.    How’s that for the fascinating title of a book?  This book, authored by Warren Wiersbe, sounded like it may be a “who’s who” of Christianity.  Interested, I looked at the table of contents online.  Ten of the names were familiar to me:  Matthew Henry, George Whitefield, Fanny Crosby, J. Hudson Taylor, Charles H. Spurgeon,PhillipsBrooks, Dwight L. Moody, Amy Carmichael, Oswald Chambers and A.W. Tozer.  But, then I realized that I was familiar with only 20% of those listed.  There were 40 more that I knew nothing about and apparently should know.  (At least according to Wiersbe I should know them.  He’s a good author, I feel I can trust his opinion.)   So, I’ve ordered this book as my first read for the winter.

50 People Every Christian Should Know.  I know that my name will never make any list like this.  If you’d bump the number up to 5,000,000 or 500,000,000 I still wouldn’t make the list.  Could be kind of depressing, huh?  But really, the only list, the only book I’m interested in being included in is the one John wrote about in his Revelation:  the Lamb’s book of life.  As long as God knows my name, I can live (and die and live again) with that!  However, just like almost everyone else, I want my life to make a difference in this world.

Speaking of books, recently Abby gave me a little book of prayers called When I’m on My Knees by Anita Corrine Donihue.  I have been reading these prayers at various times, choosing each one randomly.   But I keep coming back to one little prayer that has touched me deeply ever since I first read it.  Let me share it with you:

“I know not what each day holds, or what time I have left to serve.  This I do know, dear Lord, I want to leave my mark for You. 

Help me make every day count.  Remind me to lay aside my own wants, to be willingly inconvenienced and used for You.  Let me not put anything before You, no matter how good it seems.  Help me shed bad habits that slow me down from doing Your will.

I can only leave my mark for You by replacing idle time with purposeful movement. When I rest, I open my heart that You may fill me with Your strength and spirit.

Teach me to let go of yesterday, live fully today, and look with excitement toward tomorrow.  I am awed as I daily come to know You more.  I feel You shower love upon me like a refreshing summer rain.                                                                           

Even though I am unworthy, I long to reach the end of life’s journey and see You face-to-face.  In the meantime, Lord, may I use each day, each hour, each moment to leave my mark for You.  Amen.”


Pastor Ruby

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